Buy Propecia for hair loss treatment

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Buy Propecia for hair loss treatment

Posted OnOctober 27, 2017 0

Propecia is a unique, once-a-day pill that effectively works to treat male pattern baldness and male hair loss. Propecia finasteride was first launched in 1997, and has been proven to halt hair loss in 99% of men who use it. In particular cases, this progressive treatment has been known for it’s success in terms of hair re-growth in the vertex and the anterior mid-scalp areas.

As the treatment is subject to prescription, it is imperative that you discuss your condition, with a medical expert, in order to determine whether the treatment is suited to you. Around 95% of men who experience hair loss are suffering from male pattern baldness.

Propecia is a powerful drug, developed to be taken once a day, in a bid to tackle the embarrassing condition, that is hair loss. The product is only suited to men, and should not be administered by women and children, due to the unknown nature of side effects. The product will potentially lead to the cessation of hair loss, as well as a degree of potential re-growth.

Male pattern hair loss is a commonly reported condition. In fact, it affects 50% of men before the age of 50. The condition can potentially occur as early as late teens, 20s, 30s or 40s. However, irrespective of age, Propecia will serve as an effective line of defence. The chances of success are higher, the sooner Propecia is administered. This course of treatment will usually begin to work after three months, although in rare cases, it has been proven to show results later than this. However, if Propecia has not begun to work after 12 months, then it is unlikely that you will benefit from further treatment.

Propecia is manufactured by Merck & Co., Inc, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Merk & co. have over a century of experience with pharmaceuticals, and has provided over $480 million dollars to educational and non-profit organisations since its founding in 1957.

As a product, Propecia was developed for the treatment of prostate cancer, and works through the increase of the size of the prostate. However Propecia has been most effective in the treatment of male alopecia or hair loss.

Propecia has been subject to a number of clinical studies, and has proven itself as the leading hair loss treatment to date. One such study was a longitudinal, 5-year study conducted with men who suffered mild to moderate hair loss. Of those treated with Propecia, 48% experienced hair re-growth and a further 42% experienced no further loss. Although there is little clinical evidence that Propecia will restore the hairline, it has been proven to regrow the hair at the crown. In an attempt to save money, some customers opt for Proscar, although this product comes with greater risk, as it has been known to lead to a number of birth defects in male foetuses, if exposed to pregnant mothers.